Our Services

Description of Services:

Self-care Assistance includes:

Assistance with feeding, eating, dressing, toileting and toileting schedule, hygiene in toileting, bed pan, oral and dental care, foot care, skin care, empty colostomy bag, bathing, showering, hair care, skin care, catheter care, hoyer lift, mobility, transfer assistance and other services and supports to maintain health and wellness.

Household Assistance includes:

Assistance with grocery shopping, meal planning, meal preparation (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack), bill paying, use of telecommunication devices, housework (clean kitchen, bath, living areas, bedroom, dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, trash removal, laundry (cleaning, washing, dry, fold, iron, put away).

Personal Assistance includes:

Access to community activities such as transportation, social, recreational, exercise, assistance with treatments, shopping, running errands, accompany to doctor, medication drop-off and pick-up, escort, medication reminders, budget management, companionship, assistance with errands, and other personal activities.


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